Thursday 9 June 2016

Jon Carolino - Artist Directory


Virginia Beach - United States

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Saturday 4 June 2016

Genna Wise - Artist Directory

About Genna:

Genna Wise began her artistic career in 2007 after finishing a course at London’s Slade Collage of Fine Art. She then began selling her paintings through one of Covent Garden’s art galleries. Having explored expression via a variety of mediums, she then went to Orsoni in Venice to learn the art of mosaic. She mastered the traditional method of cutting Italian glass using a hammer and hardy.

She soon realised that mosaic art was her creative passion in life and from then on her career came to life. She was quickly noticed by the Chief Executive of the worldwide publishing company Opus Media and was commissioned to create pieces for a number of high profile clients. These included HRH Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia, Sachin Tendulka, Nelson Mandela and The Vatican.

Genna found that it was important to create a visually rich and nourishing environment to work in. Her studio is based at her home, a cottage in the tranquil countryside of West Yorkshire. Here she began experimenting in mosaicing her indoor wooden furniture. ‘There is nothing like a handmade, soul-inspired creation'. I love the idea of having a fully functioning piece of art in my home that is adored and used every day.’ She has an eclectic style, ranging from classic contemporary to distinctive ‘naivety’ with quirky creatures.

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - United Kingdom

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Paulo Guimaraes - Artist Dirrctory

About Paulo:

Since his beginnings in 2010, Paulo discovered he needed an new outlet to purge the dark emotions that muddled up his inner being. Walking into the local arts and crafts store was the discovery of a lifetime, and the path to therapy he was looking for. Starting with pastels, he moved onto acrylics, then to oils, each time stretching the bounds of his imagination until they could go no more. Soon, with the advent of smartphones, Paulo added digital art and photography to his mode of creation, because of its ease of availability, especially when inspiration struck him at any given moment.

Much of his work stemmed not only from his inner turmoil, but also from life growing up in NYC. The sights, sounds, and smells affected Paulo's thought process, leading to an evolution of creative force. Paulo's style of choice has always favored abstract, for this called to him and was the best mode of expression. Now in his new home in Rockledge, (Also some time in Palm Bay and Melbourne), Paulo is discovering a new perspective in relation to his creative process, taking in the new sights and feel of the culture of Florida, hoping to transform once again.

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NYC, NY - United States

Friday 4 March 2016

Zimmerman - Artist Dirrctory

Seattle, Washington - United States

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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Mark Jennings - Artist Directory

Lakewood, CA - United States

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Thursday 7 January 2016

Neal David Reilly - Artist Directory

About Neal:

Neal David Reilly is really an electronics technician by profession although he did take fine arts classes in college many years ago. In 2010 Neal attended a Sunday morning worship service at a church in Lindenhurst NY. But something was different about this service. Instead of the seats being arranged in rows, they were arranged around tables covered with drawing paper. Each table had a bowl in the middle filled with colorful crayons. Everyone was instructed to let their creativity flow during the service and feel free to draw with the crayons. Neal got involved drwing a tree. He drew a bird shooting out of the top of the tree towards a bright light in the sky. He had the roots of the tree morphing into fish and representing sea life. That day Neal humbly received many compliments about his artistic talent and his unusual imagination. Since that Sunday in 2010, Neal has let his imagination flow into the world of art. The results has been the gallery of inspired artwork displayed on this site. In addition to his artwork he has added a gallery of photos of beautiful Long Island. When Neal's not working his job and dabbling in artwork and photography, he likes to workout at the gym, participate in a variety of water sports and enjoys Yankee baseball.

North Babylon, NY - United States

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