Saturday, 25 October 2014

'Art by Yen - Travel Landscape Paintings'

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About HweeYen Ong:

A traveler, photographer, artist, and sometimes writes stuff..

The pictures tell of my travels, my sentiments, my stories, my sightings, my wonder at the infinite possibilities of mother earth.. and of man. I hope they inspire one to head for the “wilderness”. And to experience the beauty of it all and make your own memories.

My webpage is where it all began, and the record of my wanderings :)

I also self-print giclee prints up to A3, check out my etsy or artfire shops.

I paint travels-inspired landscapes in a distinctive expressionist style characterized by fauvist colours and organic forms, with leanings towards the abstract and surrealistic. My favourite artists are Cezanne, Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Chagall and Kandisky, and their post-impressionist modernist influences come through in my artwork. Painting is to me an outlet for sharing my expression of the beauty of the world; I aim to create things that are satisfying to me and inspiring to others..


6 PerspectEVEs, The Art Loft @ Volvo (2009)
Alfresco Art Fair, Clifford Square (2009)
Breakthrough 2010, Fill Your Walls Gallery (2010)
Colours with Passion, Tembusu Art Gallery (2010)

International Contemporary Artists Vol III
by I.C.A. Publishing; Singapore Art Gallery Guide Nov 2011 Issue

Spain Camino Series, Bilbao Restaurant (2012)
Bridging Cultures, Rosella Gallery (2012)
"Exchange" Alfresco Exhibition (2014)

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