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About Lynda:

About The Artist - Lynda Payton, a fourth generation photographer, has been creating fine art imagery for 10 years. Her works have been on display in the U.S. and abroad. Her first work was introduced at The Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington D.C, also her work has been displayed The Ladybird Art Exhibit in London, England, The Fredrick Douglas Maritime Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, The DC Community Foundation Organization, The Luis Peralta Gallery, Washington D.C. Ms. Payton has also been selected for a commissioned art piece to be painted for The City of Washington D.C. by International award winning Master Painter Luis Peralta. She has completed commercial work for music CD’s for Grammy nominated artists, movie posters for Movie Director/Producer Marc Casey’s of “Forbidden Fruits” and “Nikita Blues” on his most recent “Detention’s 2015”.

Her passion for photography, art and technology opened up a whole new world of art creation with photographs. These works are layered digital files of photograph captures; vector art or 3D rendered imagery. These mediums opened a dimension in art that excites her and provokes thought, which leads her to surface images, add texture, and light with anything that she can imagine. In her vision technology links the outside world and the digital world, which is where her art originates. Her passion is fueled behind exploring new ways to integrate sources to blend into imaginative art landscapes, portraits and graphics. Printed Editions are high-resolution images presented on archival acid free paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. Only 250 images are produced of a single image.

I've heard it said that an artists responsibility is to be a mirror for the society in which he lives. Life can be stressful, chaotic and downright overwhelming. I create artwork that presents the viewer with the opportunity lo look at life the way it is or was and embrace it in it entirety. It pulls at the memory of its viewer by provoking them to draw from their memories a place, a time a moment that they can connect, which creates joy from the memories stored within their soul and heart.

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Alexandria, VA - United

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