Sunday, 9 August 2015

Henry Godines - Artist's Directory

About Henry:

Nature and the imagination are the two basic elements that inspire Henry's art. His wide range of interests make for a variety of topics and themes in his realistic style of painting. His topics range from western and military history to contemporary scenes. Although his preference in paint mediums leans toward oils, he is also fluent with acrylic paints as well as water colors. Well versed in the precise and disciplined art of realism, he always manages to include a good amount of spontaneity which, in his opinion, is an essential element in producing balanced works of art. Henry's art exhibit experience covers a period of thirty nine years with artist groups such as the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and The Orange County Latino Artist Network (OCLAN) as well as one man shows in California. His original paintings have won many awards throughout his artistic career and are in collections throughout the international community.

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Midway City, CA - United States

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