Friday, 21 August 2015

Marian Voicu - Artist's Directory

About Marian:

Welcome to my shop where you can take your time and perhaps you’ll be able to find something to your liking for your wall decoration or simply to send a nice gift to someone you care, on a special occasion.

First off, let me tell you something about me. When I was a child I had two passions: fine arts and music. Growing up it turned out that neither of the two passions materialized, because I did not have enough confidence in myself and because I was not encouraged to any artistic career .

Later, I found work in the advertising field where I’ve been working for over a decade, but it was only two years ago that I realized that by digital art I can make my childhood dreams come true, since digital art is considered a form of modern art.

So eventually I opened this shop hoping that I can meet people who feel and vibrate art like me. My works don’t have a particular theme or style. Depending on the inspiration of the moment, I like to create watercolor illustrations , digital surreal collages or other type of collages (I very much like the idea of absurd, impossible or funny situations), digital portraits or playing with texture layers creating interesting effects similar to real paintings.

Thank you for visiting my shop !

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Bucharest - Romania

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