Sunday, 23 August 2015

Natalie Briney - Artist's Directory

About Natalie:

Born and raised in Western Australia, I have long enjoyed the beauty and tranquility that living in such a beautiful place affords. I have lived in the bush, in the city, in the red dirt and now by the ocean and all of these places have in turn inspired me.

My journey as an artist has come full circle, and I am grateful to be at this point in my artistic travels. During my childhood, I enjoyed drawing, and playing with acrylic paints, and occassionally dabbled in clay and mixed media. But as I grew older, got a job, had children, I drifted away from my love of art and focused on raising a family – but now, I am back! And I have re-discovered my love for art and am enjoying every minute of it.

My favourite thing to do is to create colourful and texturised backgrounds. These backgrounds then lead me to create beautiful girls, trees with birds sitting in them, poppies or sometimes even just an abstract painting.

My paintings are truly an expression of the person I am today.

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Dunsborough - Western Australia

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