Sunday, 6 December 2015

Chas Hauxby - Artist Directory

About Chas:

I was born in Northern England and have lived in Western Australia for the last twenty years. I am a photographer, painter, have run a successful screen printing business, sculptor, etcher and more recently creator and seller high resolution digital images. I have numerous works with commissioned clients, odd pieces in exhibitions and enjoy entering art competitions. I believe that art should be bold, say something; make the viewer think, cry, laugh, get angry... in short evoke an emotional response to the spirit in which the art was intended and created. Some of my works are consequently very confrontational. I love satire, and believe it to be one of the few ways that politicians in particular can be made to answer for their stupidity and unapologetic-mistakes. The freedom to speak, print and publish are fundamental to building a free civilised society.... I thank you in advance for looking at my portfolio of images. Enjoy.

Perth - Australia

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