Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kathryn McBride - Artist Directory

About Kathryn:

KATHRYN MCBRIDE is the founder/principal of Letcetera, Ltd., a graphic design and publishing firm in suburban Chicago. While a visual artist by profession, she also enjoys a variety of creative pursuits. In all that she does, she endeavors to make things beautiful. Kathryn founded and led a ministry for Christian artists and also maintains the website www.AValiantLife.com. She is deeply affected by stories of sacrifice, nobility and courage and seeks to honor those who have given their lives for something greater than themselves. Kathryn was raised in a family with a rich heritage of Christian missionaries who lived by faith and modeled powerful prayer lives. She is the author of 'A Warrior's Prayerbook for Spiritual Warfare' and resides in the western suburbs of Chicago where she seeks to live out her 'life verse' — There is only Christ, He is everything. (Col. 3:11)

A Warrior's Prayerbook for Spiritual Warfare – 6 May 2014
by Kathryn McBride

Brookfield, IL - United States

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