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Speaking to a friend:

I would not mind one like that one near the end

Which one?

The one smiling at you

Smiling at me, which on is that?

Well Kirmit the Frog

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Nutting's Original Abstract Ties


Nutting's original abstract tie collection are creative designs inspired by a collection of kaleidoscopic fractals which I used to create my abstract cubes with the vision of marketing them as hassocks.


Geordie's thoughts on the matter


I wonder, why did he turn to have a look while the rest are just shuffling along without a similar interest?

The poor guy on the end looks to have a stomach upset

He is holding his gut for some reason

The woman second from the emd with the flat hat does not seem pleased with the man behind with the limp

She is looking back at him with a right dirty look

The African guy is trying to make the guy with the limp laugh

And the Superhero doesn't seem to have a care

And why is the woman with the look and the man with the bad gut walking the other way?


About Bruce Nutting:


Painting is a relatively new part of my life. For the first 20 years after schooling I served as a missionary to the beautiful country of Spain. For the second 20 years of my life I developed a career as a computer analyst and developer. Then I was injured at work and suffered from a work related occupational hazard. But no worries. I am now retired with PTSD and have my whole retirement to journey in the creative work of digital painting.

It all started when I was in the hospital and they had a 'crafts' class which I was encouraged to participate in. I was not up to cutting paper and pasting things together or coloring but I went anyway. I was given a set of pastels and a picture of a big sunflower. The kind you would see on a large calendar. I spent the better have of an hour drawing this flower. I had used pastels before and was a little familar with how to draw with them. To my amazement the drawing turned out pretty good and I was encourage by other how it looked.

When I went home I spent the next year just sitting and watching Netflix. I watched all the episodes of Adam-12 in less then a week. Little by little I ventured onto my touch screen computer that I bought and began trying to draw on it. At first my drawings were simple abstract creations which were nothing more then doodling. Then I found a computer painting program out of England and began painting digital photographs. The first one I painted was a picture of a horse of a dear friend. Flicka was the horses name. It was rough and simple but I was proud that it turned out ok.. And of course my friend liked it too.

Then for the next 3 years I painted over 1000 digital pictures and began posting them for my friends and family on facebook and pinterest. My artwork progressed and then I found FAA. I began posting my artwork while still continuing to create new pieces. I now have over 100 different galleries, 2500 paintings. I monitor 23 small groups where others can promote their artwork and have been participating in some discussion groups.

Some of my more recent pieces of art are

I have not really sold many of them. Mostly to my friends. But that is ok. I am retired and I have my new 'job' where I can explore my new talent and express my inner being. I still have to deal with my ailment and take rests during the day but I get up almost every morning, have a cup of coffee, take my meds and explore and learn and paint every day.

Please enjoy my artwork. If you look carefully you will see my developing talent with many different types of digital paintings like; landscapes, oceanscapes, flowers,, gardens, sunsets, trees, people, abstracts, fractals, surreal, impressionist, inspirational, historical, Christian, Spain, just about everything that is part of me and my life and things that I liked and are beautiful to me.

I call my galleries, 'Nutting's Expressions'

Blessings and have fun,

Bruce Nutting

Upland, CA - United States

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