Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Miriam Danar, A Focus On New York
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A great Street Photographer
In Geordie's opinion

One of the Best and my HND in Documentary Photography qualifies me to say so
Fantastic work - 1st Class

To See Miriam's Work In The Fine Art America Videos Blog Please Click <> HERE <>

To See Miriam's Work In The Blog Dedicated To Her Work Please Click <> HERE <>

About Miriam

New York, NY - United States


  1. Dear Geordie,
    I am so grateful to you for your dedication and great work in bringing all of us to the attention of the public. It is a rare individual indeed who does this; huge thanks!

    You may also find my work at my personal site:

    Most sincerely,

  2. A much better Web page I thought, with far more detail. you are likely to see my response before the comment,

    Loved it.

  3. I have a thing about working at speed, I think I developed the way of working due to the idea of deadlines, it is also to do with the thought process, I write a lot of dialogue and it is my response to question I am asked, the problem with such writing is that there are people who believe I have made it up and they do not believe that the conversation I write about actually occur.

    It's the way I work, and though when producing images with a computer I normally give more time for consideration, I still attempt to work at speed.

    What was the time that something was posted?

    I have attempted to have conversation on the net that are as close as possible to real time but I find it a little like playing chess, the person you are having a conversation with considers his response far greater than is the case person to person and then they are more likely to tell lies.

    Anyway, all's well that ends well and my attempts to produce something quickly resulted in mistakes that I had to take "the time" to rectify.

    Er instead of ar and it was not quick but should have been quicker.


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