Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dagmar Helbig - Artists Directory

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About Dagmar:

Since 1995 I have shown my works in different exhibitions - here only an abbreviation:

2014 Kunstmesse, Wolfsberg/Austria
2013 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg/Austria
2013 Kustmesse, Wolfsberg/Austria
2012 Art&Design, Wolfsberg/Austria
2009 Art&Design, Wolfsberg/Austria
2009 Gallery Himmel&Erde, Klagenfurt/Austria
2008 Scalaria, St. Wolfgang/Austria
2007 Gallery Zaar, Kamen/Germany
2007 Donautower, Vienna/Austria
2006 Gallery Schloss Erwitte/Germany
2004 Towngallery Wolfsberg/Austria
2003 Gallery Schloss Erwitte/Germany
1998 Museo Nacional de la Aquarela, Mexico-City/Mexico
1997 Instituto Goethe, Mexico-City/Mexico

An idea is a volatil material - it can be reality or dissolve like a breath - to seize it is the beginning of all.

The picture tells a story, for each viewer a different one - everyone has his aspect on situations, everyone has his dreams, everyone sees life differently.

The human-picture creative from the idea leaves all freedom in the presentation - the portrait not - but the tension in the challenge of everything to make the visible visibly - and also the invisible - which actually constitutes the portrait.

I am living and working in Austria, the total opposite to my home-town Hamburg in Germany. From time to time I go to Mexico-City, to see my family and to work and exhibit there for some months.

All Paintings are property of the artist and protected by (c) copyright and the international Copyright Laws. All images on this websites are not public domain, they are all the exclusive property of the artist. All images/paintings can NOT be reproduced without the written authorization of Dagmar Helbig the artist.

St. Michael/Austria, Ca - Austria

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