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About Dean

I have been interested in art ever since I was six years old in my native rural Kansas. I always knew what I wanted to be in life...and that was to be an artist.

I am an eclectic artist, always experimenting in the creation of my art and subject matter. I love exploring all kinds of subject matter from the vast “banquet table of life.” One comes this way only once, so I love to reach out and grab any and everything that grabs my fancy at any given moment to explore creatively. The closest I come to concentrating on any single subject is about my love of the Mexican people and culture, especially after being married to a lovely and inspiring Californian of Mexican descent for many years now.

My art education and training has been a combination of self-taught art, high school, college, correspondence schools, and actual experience. Over the years, I have exhibited my works of fine art at various settings in sidewalk shows, galleries, public buildings, and museums...even the White House.

Among my most notable works of art are:

A 4-ft wide by 2-ft high acrylic montage painting about the history of Sacramento, entitled: “Sacramento Perspective, ” painted for the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. It was later presented to President Jimmy Carter in March of 1977 as a gift from the people of Sacramento, CA.

Three large murals were painted in acrylics on canvas for the Sacramento Army Depot from 1976 to 1979 to help observe the U.S. Army’s Bicentennial. The depot closed down in March of 1994. The murals somehow mysteriously disappeared in the ensuing chaos of the closure never to be seen again.

A 4-foot x 5-foot acrylic painting on canvas (locally referred to as the ”mural”) containing 66 images depicting a greatly encapsulated interpretation of California Military History, which took almost four years to complete. It was dedicated on 5 June 2009. It can be seen in the main lobby of the California Military Museum located in Old Sacramento, California.

And finally, my most recent major work of art, is a commissioned 30” by 40” acrylics on canvas portrait of World War I Hero and Medal of Honor recipient, Corporal Harold William Roberts, the namesake for Camp Roberts, Paso Robles, California. Portrait painted for the Camp Roberts Historical Museum was unveiled and dedicated on 23 August 2008.

Loomis, CA - United States

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