Friday, 21 November 2014

Nicklas Gustafsson - Artists Directory

About Nicklas:

I am a graphic designer from Stockholm, Sweden. Throughout my life I have refused to choose a path since I think the world has too much variation to offer to just explore one route of it and I think that also reflects on my work where I mix my influences and styles quite extensively. I have travelled to many different corners of the world and love to take in other cultures and mindsets in an attempt to grow myself. I first started working in this field a couple of years ago and quickly noticed that this was something I really wanted to dedicate to and my work can now be found in stores all around the world. In my images I try to put to picture what I see around me or what is going on in my thoughts. I like to combine photography with different types of digital work and drawings and I am constantly trying to improve and learn new styles and techniques.

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Stockholm, Sweden - Sweden

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