Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tom Shropshire - Artists Directory

About Tom:

All originals are available for sale on my website;
American artist Tom Shropshire is a contemporary impressionist and calls his style of painting “Traditional with a Twist”, because his work often includes unexpected elements of pulp art, dreams, or fantasy.

'As an Urban fantasy artist, I am known for contemporary night city scenes, dramatic landscapes, seascapes, and narrative works inspired by pop culture, steampunk, and pulp fiction. I try to express mystery, beauty, and wonder in all my work.The city at night has always intrigued me as well, and I find myself returning to the subject again and again. Atmospheric city night scenes have become my signature style but I continue to paint Fantasy and representational work as well.'

Tom has won many awards during his career and his paintings are represented in numerous private and corporate collections as well as museums and Cultural Centers. His paintings have also been featured on the covers of national magazines and the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Gallery affiliations: River Birch Gallery - Burlington, Wisconsin, Katie Gingrass Gallery - Milwaukee, WI, Landmark Gallery - Milwaukee, WI, and Gallery Provocateur - Chicago, IL.

Burlington, WI - United States

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