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Keiko Olds - Artist Directory

About Keiko:

Born in Tokyo, Keiko Olds was born in a city where my surroundings was like Hollywood.

She had asthma since I was one years old, so I resulted in drawing.

She was part of a movie for 10 seconds when I was 4.

When Keiko was 7, She joined a drawing class myself. But she quit because she wanted to advance in drawing instead of kid drawings.

She was homeschooled for illustration class.

In high school, Keiko opened up my own gallery.

When she was 20, she obtained a job in a art production as a drawing assistant.

She was drawing as she studied law.

Keiko married a American man and flew to Minnesota in 1995. And settled in a home.

Due to raising my child, she quit drawing for a while. But has started again.

When Keiko was little, She'd bring home insects, animals, and reptiles into my home. Her parents were not happy.

In elementary school, she was responsible of taking care of the chickens and fish.

When Keiko came to America, her eyes opened to the cruelty of factory farms and furs. As well as wolf hunting. This made her cry.

She was inspired by how the animals in Minnesota endured the harsh winters.

As she was reading about the cruelty of animal abuse in America, Keiko also discovered how other Chinese, Korean and other Asian countries treat their animals. She was entirely shocked.

She adopted an American GoldFinch for 7 years and but died. This made her thinking about saving and rescuing other animals.

She used paint landscapes and night buildings with acrylic paint, but then she turned to the lightweight pencil and pastel. A tool Keiko can use anywhere at anytime.

She started drawing small animals as well as images of the connection of humans and animals.

When she was adding and advertising my pictures on my blog, Keiko met a professional artist named Adelheid Adelliam noticed her art. Adelheid encouraged Keiko to put information about herself and add her drawings on her BLOG.

Together as a team, they created a blog called Save Wonderful Nature and Animal + ART to promote the protection of nature and wild animals and to show drawing that explains how the natural world SHOULD be like in modern times.

To see Keiko's work in the Alice Art blog please click <> HERE <>

Wayzata, MN - United States

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