Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Shelley Overton - Artist's Directory

About Shelley:

Shelley Overton discovered a talent for drawing at the age of 8. A trained graphic designer, Shelley expanded into murals and fine art. She has had numerous shows in Denver and Orlando, her home towns. As her talents expanded, so did her interest in ways of expressing herself. Shelley is always learning and growing, even with mundane media, such as embroidery floss. Shelley incorporates the unexpected into her art, whether it's an element, or a twist on the subject matter. Currently, she is utilizing paper, crystals, floss and glitter to enhance her whimsical art. The other side of Shelley is the nature-loving realist. Included in her galleries are her flower explorations and realism paintings which came from her trompe l'oeil experience in muralism. Shelley is showing locally, and has signed on with FineArtReps.com, and sells online through Caf├ępress and licensed through AllMyWalls.com .


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Orlando, FL - United States

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