Friday, 18 September 2015

Christine Holding - Artist Directory

About Christine

I’m a Fine Art Conceptual Photographer. I love portraits, fashion, beauty, nature and concept photography. I live near Monterey, California with my wonderful husband and two crazy cats. I also have two wonderful, smart, gorgeous children, Justin and Jenny and five awesome grandchildren.

As a creative artist, I’ve studied photography and art philosophy of the masters until I have developed a unique style. My love of people and living things allows me to get close to my subjects and capture their beauty. Creative images are what excites me. If you like unique, one of a kind and out of the ordinary photos then I’m the photographer for you.

My belief is: 'Our imagination should be nurtured with the utmost care, for it is the tool of liberation from the bonds which tie down our existence. We can do anything we are able to imagine, become anything we are able to visualize. For it is the images we create in our minds, which will inevitably lead us to the world that affects their realization.'

The goal is to make photos that blow people away and to always strive to learn.

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Monterey, CA - United States

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