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Tomo Yun - Artist Directory
from the crew of
The Alice In Wonderland Exhibit

Tomo Yun

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Uchida Tomoyuki profile:

44-year-old Doctor of Engineering
Affiliation companies - Activity content
Last Energy representative director Co., Ltd. - IT consulting
Co., Ltd. Akikkusu director - Shooting and sales of photo
Incipient, Inc. Board of Directors - China UnionPay related business
ColoTown.com Corporation Board of Directors - Provide advanced IT services
BitRabbit director Co., Ltd. - Location information system Concerning Copyrights
Entrepreneurship Brest Association Panpx representative study session that entrepreneurs who wish to realize the entrepreneurial

Media activities of Tomoyuki Uchida

JFN radio On the way Journal monthly charge - Introducing such as photography and IT companies Support

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/15922013.07.25 broadcasting

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/25852013.08.29 broadcasting

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/47472013.09.26 broadcasting

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/60322013.11.01 broadcasting 

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/60322013.11.28 broadcast: voice / text 

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/69772013.12.27 broadcast: voice / text 

http://www.jfn.jp/News/view/owj_thu/79782014.1.23 broadcast: voice / text 


The Main Career

1995 And it operates a 120,000 community in NIFTY-Serve in Tokyo University student

It established a limited company Yun Factory, to expand the fiduciary business of Fujitsu

Get to attract customers of photo site Yun Free Stock Photos opened one million PV / month

1997 The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering and Information Engineering doctoral graduation

2000 (Strain) Yun Factory is capital increase 300 million strong, to expand its activities as an IT venture

2003 (Strain) Yun buyout the Factory in listed companies, the company officer appointed

2009 (Ltd.) was appointed to Digital Garage CTO, carry out the Japan spread of Twitter

Venture Incubation Program OpenNetworkLab. Establishment

2011 (Ltd.) retired from Digital Garage, entrepreneurial support business IT venture, We engaged in a such as UnionPay official shopping mall "Ginrenzai line Bazaar Japan Pavilion" management

(Leading to the present)

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