Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Company of Saints - Artist Directory

About Company of Saints:

Mark, Julia, Brett, and Jacob are Company of Saints. Mark and Julia are the worship directors at Heritage Azusa Church . Jacob and Brett both play on the team. Mark and Julia have been married since 1999, but had never made a record together. Mark and Brett have been playing together in various bands since 2000. In 2008 they met Jacob at Heritage and began playing with him. Mid 2009 Mark, Julia, and Brett decided to start a new band and asked Jacob to join. He agreed and Company of Saints was born.

“A poet is not a man who asks me to look at him; he is a man who says “look at that” and points.”

C.S. Lewis, The Personal Heresy

As artists, are we pointing to God?
Should everything we create point to God?
How does the Holy Spirit influence art?
What does is mean to be creative and to be Christian?
What does it means to be a Christian artist?

Royal Laundry Records exists to encourage the musical creative gifts that God has given us.

We don’t want to look at other labels and copy what they are doing. We don’t want to listen to the radio and try and write a song that will sell lots of copies. We only want to strive for originality, authenticity, and quality. Originality will come from the Holy Spirit. Authenticity will come from us when we lay bare who we are in Christ. Quality will come from hard work.

We want to be a label that not only puts out albums that minister to the listener, but a label that ministers to the artist who is making those albums. We want to come along side the artists and encourage them to follow what Jesus doing in them, so they can in turn be a blessing to others with the music they write.

Royal Laundry Records is a long time project of Mark and Julia Palmer. It’s mission has evolved over the years. Through trial and time, God has led us to see that music should not be about us. We don’t want to stand on a stage and receive praise. We must be about giving praise to Jesus. He is the only one worthy of any accolade. We see music as worship to Jesus. Any talent we have has come straight from Jesus. How can we not give it back to Him? We live to worship Jesus. We desire to make Him known to everyone.

Los Angeles, California - United States

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