Tuesday, 21 October 2014

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Jesus is Born

Jesus is Born
Brenda O'Quinn, Elaine Schneider
Intermediate (6 to 9)

New wrinkles on an old story, Jesus is Born tells the simple truth of
Christ’s birth in language that little children can understand and adults
will appreciate. There’s nothing high-tech or computerized about this
story, just the power of God’s love. And that alone is more than
enough. After all, isn’t the thunder more powerful than the strongest
microwave? The birth of a child more fascinating than the newest
video craze? And so it is with the story of Jesus. The message of
God’s love is direct and intentional; he gave the greatest gift. It’s
a story so exciting that it doesn’t need to be enhanced by a stable
animal or sung by a star – the baby Jesus is delivered straight
from the hand of God. No frills, no gimmicks; just God.

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