Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Silvie Esteves - Hair Stylist - Artist Directory

About Silvie:

Strongly devoted with a fervent passion for the Make-up Artistry’s world of creativity, Silvie has a finger on the pulse of glamorous, beautiful and imaginative. Using faces as her canvas she possesses outstanding flexibility in her ability to create from sun-kissed dewy faces, whimsical designs to spectacular imaginative FX creations. Silvie’s road to creativity started when she enrolled in the Make-up Artistry Cosmetic Techniques & Management Diploma Program at Sheridan College after obtaining her high school diploma from Michael Power/St. Joseph High School. While in high school she successfully completed the Co-op Program at Complections International School of Make-up Artistry where she found her natural talent.

Having joined I.A.T.S.E. Local 873 Make-Up Department she has enjoyed being a Permitee in good standing for a good number of years.

Silvie’s thirst for knowledge saw her return to Sheridan College to successfully graduate from the Esthetics Course as well as Medical Esthetics and Laser Courses from Gina’s College of Advance Learning. But she didn’t stop there. Silvie went on to successfully complete diplomas, with high honours, in Special Effects and Prosthetics Courses at The School of Professional Makeup Ltd. taught by the renowned Matthew DeWilde. Silvie discovered her talent for teaching as well. Highly trained and qualified, her contagious enthusiasm has made a positive and significant impact in the art of teaching Make-Up Artistry and basic Esthetics Programs. A progressive team player she has inspired her students as a Trainer and Educator with excellent Curriculum Development strategies.

In order to enhance her natural talent for teaching Silvie successfully completed her Adult Ed Certificate Course at Sheridan College.

Silvie’s versatility, sensibility, innovativeness and diversity have contributed to her working in top spas in Ontario, worked in various Films, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Events, Productions and taught at private colleges.

Her belief in the pursue of dreams, goals and self-expression in her art while still being able to maintain sense of the fashion commits her to endless expectations and achievements. Remarkable skills in diplomacy and impeccable professionalism Silvie strives to convey her passion for combining the inner and outer beauty of her clients through her work.


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